Montenegro vs. Croatia: Which One Is Cheaper?

is montenegro cheaper than croatia

Thinking of going to the Balkans, but can’t decide which country to visit? You might be curious about which country, Montenegro or Croatia, is less expensive. Both countries have beautiful beaches, lovely cities, and interesting pasts, but they cost different amounts of money to live and travel in.

In this blog, we will compare two countries to see which one is cheaper for you to stay in. We will look at things like where you will stay, what you will eat, how you will get around, what you can do for fun, and how much everything costs.

Where to Sleep: Accommodation

When you need a place to stay, Montenegro and Croatia have many choices that fit different budgets. Generally, Montenegro is a bit less costly than Croatia, particularly if you want to stay at an affordable place.

In Montenegro, you can find cheap places to stay called hostels and guesthouses that cost between 10 and 15 euros each night. In Croatia, the cheapest hostels start at about 15 to 20 euros per night. If you want to stay in hotels that are not too cheap or too expensive, both countries have similar prices. However, Montenegro may be a bit cheaper.

is montenegro cheaper than croatia

Food: Fueling Your Adventures

Eating food during a trip is important, but it can be costly. In Montenegro and Croatia, there are many different types of food to try. You can find local dishes, seafood, and food from other countries. Just remember that the prices will be different depending on where you eat and what you order.

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Usually, food is less expensive in Montenegro than in Croatia. You can find nearby restaurants and cafes with traditional meals that cost only 5-7 EUR each. But in Croatia, you might have to pay around 10-15 EUR for the same type of meal. If you want fancy food and luxury experiences, Croatia might have more choices and cost more.

Transportation: Getting Around

Montenegro and Croatia have really good ways for people to move around, like buses, trains, and boats, and they don’t cost too much. Montenegro is cheaper than Croatia if you want to rent a car, especially during busy times.

You can get a cheap car rental in Montenegro for about 20-25 EUR per day. But in Croatia, the prices can be higher, starting from about 30-40 EUR per day. If you want to go far away or visit places that are not easy to reach, it might be cheaper to rent a car instead of using buses or trains.

Having Fun

Montenegro and Croatia have many things to do for travelers, like walking and swimming, learning about culture, and enjoying the fun things at night. The prices may change based on where you are and what you are doing.

Montenegro is usually less expensive than Croatia for things like walking and visiting different beaches. You can go on a walk in Montenegro for 25-30 EUR per person, but it might cost you more to do the same thing in Croatia (around 40-50 EUR per person). If you like sightseeing and learning about history, Croatia is a good choice. But it might be more expensive.

Total expenses: The final result.

Is Montenegro less expensive than Croatia? It’s hard to say, as it varies. Each country has its own costs for daily living and traveling, and the prices can change based on when and where you go, and how you like to travel. Montenegro is usually a bit less expensive than Croatia, especially for people on a tight budget.

If you go to Montenegro, you might spend about 30-40 EUR for food, a place to stay, and transportation each day. But if you go to Croatia, it might cost you 40-50 EUR for similar things. If you want to spend a lot of money on fancy food, nice places to stay, and expensive things to do, Croatia might have better choices and things to do.

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