Austrian Road Trip Essentials: Vignettes and Tolls Unveiled

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When it comes to exploring the picturesque landscapes, historic cities, and charming villages of Austria, there’s no better way to do it than by road. Austria boasts a well-maintained network of highways and scenic routes that make driving through the country a sheer pleasure. However, before you embark on your Austrian road trip, there are a few important things you need to know about vignettes and road tolls. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll not only provide you with an in-depth understanding of the Austrian vignette system but also answer some common questions to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

How do I get a vignette for Austria?

Austrian Vignette Basics A vignette is a toll sticker that you must affix to your vehicle’s windshield to legally drive on Austria’s autobahns (highways) and Schnellstraßen (expressways). It’s a crucial requirement for both residents and tourists.

Where to Purchase Vignettes

  1. At Gas Stations: The most common way to purchase a vignette is at Austrian gas stations, including those near the borders. Look for signs that say “Vignette” or “Maut” (toll).
  2. Online: You can buy your vignette online through the official ASFINAG website or via their mobile app. This option is especially convenient if you want to plan your trip in advance.
  3. At Automobile Clubs: If you’re a member of an automobile club, such as the ADAC in Germany, you can often buy vignettes through them.

Vignette Types Austria offers various vignette options:

  • 10-day vignette
  • 2-month vignette
  • Annual vignette

Choose the one that best suits the duration of your stay and driving needs.

Affixing the Vignette Once you’ve obtained your vignette, it’s important to correctly affix it to your windshield. The sticker should be placed on the inside of the windshield, ideally in the lower right corner, ensuring it doesn’t obstruct your view.

Do I need to buy a vignette for Austria?

Yes, you do.

All vehicles, including motorcycles, up to 3.5 metric tons need a vignette to use Austrian autobahns and expressways. There are no exceptions. Fines for driving without a valid vignette can be hefty, so it’s not worth the risk.

How much does a vignette cost in Austria?

Vignette Costs As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the prices for Austrian vignettes were as follows:

  • 10-day vignette: €9.50
  • 2-month vignette: €27.80
  • Annual vignette: €91.10

Please note that prices may have changed since then, so it’s advisable to check the latest rates on the official ASFINAG website.

Penalties for Non-Compliance Driving without a valid vignette or with an improperly affixed one can result in fines ranging from €120 to €240. Make sure to adhere to the rules to avoid unnecessary expenses and hassles during your trip.

How do I pay road tolls in Austria?

Toll Roads in Austria In addition to the vignette system, Austria also has tolls for certain tunnels, mountain passes, and scenic routes. These tolls are typically paid at toll booths or automated payment stations.

Electronic Toll Collection (Go-Box) For vehicles over 3.5 metric tons, Austria uses an electronic toll collection system known as the Go-Box. This device calculates the toll based on the distance traveled and is mandatory for heavy vehicles.

Payment Methods

  1. Cash: At most toll stations, you can pay with cash or credit/debit cards.
  2. Prepaid Cards: You can purchase prepaid toll cards at various locations, including gas stations, for the toll roads.
  3. Electronic Payment: Some toll stations may offer electronic payment options, such as contactless cards or mobile apps.
  4. Go-Box: As mentioned earlier, the Go-Box is used for heavy vehicles and automatically deducts tolls based on distance traveled.


Q1: Is it possible to get a refund for an unused vignette in Austria? A1: Unfortunately, Austria does not offer refunds for unused vignettes. Once purchased, they are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Q2: Can I use my vignette in Austria to drive through neighboring countries? A2: No, the Austrian vignette is only valid for Austria. You’ll need to purchase the respective vignettes or pay tolls for each country you plan to drive through.

Q3: Do electric or hybrid vehicles require a vignette in Austria? A3: Yes, all vehicles up to 3.5 metric tons must have a vignette, regardless of their power source.


Austria’s vignette system and road tolls are designed to ensure the country’s road infrastructure is well-maintained and safe for all travelers. By understanding the rules and complying with them, you can enjoy your Austrian road trip to the fullest, taking in the stunning scenery and cultural treasures that this beautiful country has to offer.


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