The Top Sarajevo Movies That Will Leave You Breathless

The Top Sarajevo Movies

Sarajevo is a city steeped in history and culture, and it has been the subject of many movies over the years. From war dramas to romantic comedies, there are countless films that have been made about this vibrant and fascinating city. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at some of the best movies about Sarajevo.

  1. “No Man’s Land” (2001) 7,9/10
    Directed by Bosnian filmmaker Danis Tanovic, “No Man’s Land” is a powerful war drama that takes place during the Bosnian War. The film follows two soldiers, one Bosniak and one Serb, who are trapped in a trench between enemy lines. As they wait for help to arrive, they discover a third soldier who is lying on a landmine that will explode if he is moved. The film won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2002, and it is widely regarded as one of the best war movies of all time.
  2. “Sarajevo, mon amour” (1994)
    Directed by French filmmaker Jasmila Zbanic, “Sarajevo, mon amour” is a romantic drama that takes place during the Siege of Sarajevo. The film tells the story of a French actress who comes to Sarajevo to perform in a play, and falls in love with a local man. Despite the hardships of the war, they find solace in each other’s company, and their love helps them to overcome the violence and destruction that surrounds them.
  3. “Grbavica” (2006) 7,2/10
    Directed by Jasmila Zbanic, “Grbavica” is a powerful drama that explores the aftermath of the Bosnian War. The film follows a single mother and her daughter, who live in the Grbavica neighborhood of Sarajevo. As the daughter prepares to go on a school trip, she discovers that she is not eligible for a discount that is only available to children of war veterans. This leads the mother to reveal a dark secret about her past, and the film explores the complex emotions and struggles that arise as a result.
  4. “In the Land of Blood and Honey” (2011) 4,7/10
    Directed by Angelina Jolie, “In the Land of Blood and Honey” is a war drama that takes place during the Bosnian War. The film tells the story of a Bosniak woman who is captured by Serb soldiers and forced to work as a sex slave in a military brothel. Despite the horrors that she faces, she finds hope and strength in a relationship with a former friend who is now a Serb soldier.
  5. “Welcome to Sarajevo” (1997) 6,7/10
    Directed by Michael Winterbottom, “Welcome to Sarajevo” is a war drama that takes place during the Siege of Sarajevo. The film follows a group of journalists who are covering the war, and their efforts to help a young orphan who they find on the streets. As they navigate the dangers of the war-torn city, they grapple with their own feelings of guilt and responsibility for the violence that surrounds them.
  6. “Gori Vatra” (2003) 7,3/10
    Directed by Pjer Žalica, “Gori Vatra” is a satirical comedy that takes place in a small Bosnian town that is struggling to recover from the war. The film follows a group of eccentric characters, including a corrupt politician, a frustrated doctor, and a hapless police officer, as they navigate the challenges of post-war life. With a blend of humor and social commentary, the film offers a unique perspective on the aftermath of the Bosnian War.
  7. “Sarajevo Roses” (2016) 8,7/10
    Directed by Nikola Stojanović, “Sarajevo Roses” is a documentary that explores the impact of the Bosnian War on the people of Sarajevo. The film focuses on the “Sarajevo Roses,” a series of red-painted craters that mark the spots where mortar shells killed civilians during the siege. Through interviews with survivors and witnesses, the film offers a moving tribute to the resilience and spirit of the people of Sarajevo.
  8. “Halima’s Path” (2012) 8/10
    Directed by Arsen Anton Ostojic, “Halima’s Path” is a drama that explores the lingering effects of the Bosnian War on the lives of ordinary people. The film follows Halima, a Muslim woman who is searching for the remains of her son, who was killed during the war. As she delves deeper into the past, she uncovers a web of secrets and lies that threaten to tear her family apart. With a powerful performance by lead actress Alma Prica, the film offers a poignant reflection on the wounds of war and the power of forgiveness.

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Q: Are there any other movies about Sarajevo that you would recommend?
A: Yes, there are many other great movies about Sarajevo, including “The Perfect Circle” (1997), “Remake” (2003), and “Cirkus Columbia” (2010).

Q: Are these movies only for people who are interested in history or war?
A: No, these movies offer a wide range of genres and themes, including romance, comedy, and drama. While they all take place against the backdrop of the Bosnian War, they offer unique perspectives on the city and its people.

Q: Is it safe to travel to Sarajevo now?

A: Yes, Sarajevo is a safe and welcoming city for visitors. While it still bears scars from the war, it has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, and is now a vibrant cultural hub with a rich history and a bright future.

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