Surviving the Siege: How Sarajevo Overcame Adversity

siege of sarajevo

The city of Sarajevo is in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It used to be very pretty and lively, and many people enjoyed visiting it in Europe. But, in 1992, the city suffered from a really bad war that went on for almost four years.

People in the city were trapped and it was very hard for them to stay alive. This article is about how the city of Sarajevo had a hard time during a war and how it affected the people who lived there. We will also talk about how they managed to deal with it.

The Siege of Sarajevo

The time when Bosnia became a separate country from Yugoslavia in 1992 started the time period when Sarajevo was surrounded by enemies. The Serbian people from Bosnia did not want this decision, so they surrounded the city to try and take over.

The city was stuck inside for about four years without any connection to the outside world. The city was always getting attacked with bombs and guns, and there wasn’t enough food or water.

Struggling for Food and Water

The people in Sarajevo were having a hard time getting things they really needed such as food and water. The city was all alone because nobody could bring food or other things to them.

People had to wait in long lines for a long time to get very small amounts of food and water. Sometimes, the things that people need like food and water don’t come, so they don’t have anything to eat or drink. Lots of individuals lost a lot of weight because they didn’t eat enough food to stay healthy.

Why is Sarajevo called the Jerusalem of Europe?

Coping with the Siege

Even though things were hard, the people in Sarajevo tried their hardest to deal with what was happening. They made gardens together and grew their own fruits and vegetables.

They created a system where they traded things and favors without using money. In exchange for cigarettes, alcohol, and makeup, some people traded things like food, water, and medicine. The city had many concerts and plays to help people forget about the war.

The Impact on the People

The siege of Sarajevo had a profound impact on its people. Many lost their homes, their families, and their friends. The constant shelling and sniper fire left people traumatized, and many suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The siege also had a long-term impact on the city’s economy, with many businesses shutting down, and the city’s infrastructure severely damaged.


Q: How long did the siege of Sarajevo last?

A: The siege of Sarajevo lasted for nearly four years, from 1992 to 1996.

Q: What caused the siege of Sarajevo?

A: The siege of Sarajevo was caused by the Bosnian Serbs’ opposition to Bosnia’s declaration of independence from Yugoslavia.

Q: How did the people of Sarajevo cope with the siege?

A: The people of Sarajevo coped with the siege by forming community gardens, setting up a makeshift economy, and organizing cultural events.


The attack on Sarajevo was very sad and it affected the city and the people who live there. The people living in the city couldn’t go out and get what they needed to survive like food and water. Even though things were hard, the people in Sarajevo tried their hardest to manage.

They became like a close family and strong, which made it easier for them to survive the attack. The bad effects of being trapped in Sarajevo can still be noticed today, but the city has proved that it can improve and start again after any terrible happening.

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