Is it OK to drink tap water in Sarajevo?

Is it OK to drink water in Sarajevo?

Welcome, thirsty travelers! If you are in the beautiful city of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you might wonder if you can drink the water. Don’t worry, in this blog post, we will find out if it is safe to drink or if you should drink something else.

A Tale of Two Springs

Sarajevo is called the “City of Springs” because it has two amazing springs that have been giving clean water to people living there for a very long time. One of the best things to see in the city is the Vrelo Bosne. It’s a beautiful natural spring that’s found just outside the main area of the city.

This place has very clear water and lots of plants. It looks really pretty. The Sarajevo Spring is a park in the middle of the city. The place is next to a pretty park and is a favorite spot for people to get drinks, whether they’re from the area or visiting.

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Quality Control: The Water Source

Now, let’s talk about the important details of water cleanliness. The water in Sarajevo comes from underground wells, rivers, and two springs. The water is cleaned really well before you drink it, so it’s safe and pure. The Sarajevo Water and Sewerage Company (ViK) takes care of the city’s drinking water and makes sure it is safe to use.

Safety First: Drinking Tap Water

Good news! You can drink tap water in Sarajevo without any worries. It is safe. The water is checked often to make sure it doesn’t have bad stuff in it. It meets the rules set by the World Health Organization and the European Union. Go ahead and drink that glass of tap water, it’s safe.

Bottled Water: Convenience or Necessity?

Drinking tap water in Sarajevo is safe. But some people like to use bottled water because it is easier and they feel more secure. You can find bottled water easily in Sarajevo from shops and supermarkets. You can choose from local and international brands. If you care about the environment, bring a reusable water bottle and fill it with tap water instead of buying new bottles while exploring the city.

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FAQs about Drinking Water in Sarajevo

Q: Are there any taste differences in Sarajevo’s tap water compared to other cities?

A: Sarajevo’s tap water has a unique flavor, thanks to its natural source and the surrounding geological features. Some people find it to be slightly mineral-rich, but it’s still refreshing and safe to drink.

Q: Can I use tap water for brushing my teeth and cooking?

A: Absolutely! You can confidently use tap water for all your daily needs, including brushing your teeth and cooking. It’s clean and perfectly suitable for these purposes.

Q: Are water fountains safe to use in Sarajevo?

A: Yes, indeed! Sarajevo is known for its numerous public water fountains, and they provide water from the same source as the tap water. So, feel free to quench your thirst at these fountains while exploring the city.

Stay Hydrated, Stay Happy!

To sum up, dear travelers, Sarajevo has safe tap water that can be enjoyed without worries. Yay, good for you. You can drink water from the springs in the city, or from the tap, or from a bottle. You can satisfy your thirst in this pretty City of Springs. So, hold up your drink, say cheers to Sarajevo, and enjoy drinking as much as you want.

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