Is BASH the secretly rebranded McDonald’s in Sarajevo?

mcdonalds - bash

McDonald’s, the well-known global fast food chain, has bid farewell to Bosnia and Herzegovina as it closes its restaurants in Sarajevo and Mostar until further notice.

This news, confirmed by, leaves many fast-food enthusiasts saddened. McDonalds in Bosnia had several locations in different cities in Sarajevo and Mostar. After the scandal with the former franchise holder, the fast food giant decided to permanently leave Bosnia and Herzegovina. This chain of fast food restaurants in our country was closed due to a series of problems caused by franchise owner Haris Ihtijarević and his company Gliese 581g, to which McDonald’s gave the franchise.

A few months after closing of McDonalds, there was a new restaurant opening in Sarajevo called BASH which has a very similar concept to closed McDonalds.

BASH restaurant in Sarajevo

It’s always an exciting moment when a new eatery opens up, especially one that promises great food. In Sarajevo, the latest addition to the fast food scene is BASH.

What caught our attention is the uncanny resemblance of BASH to McDonald’s. From the menu items to the restaurant design, BASH seems to be borrowing the concept from the renowned fast-food giant.

The chairs and tables in the new establishment are exactly the same as those found in the closed McDonald’s restaurants in Bosnia. It’s hard not to notice the striking similarities between the two.

Although BASH is a new, locally-founded brand, many suspect that it is, in fact, an endeavor by McDonald’s franchisees in Bosnia. The use of the same products and design elements further fuels these suspicions.

Haris A. / Google Reviews

Even though in the beginning people showed a huge interest in Bash, recently, especially after Burger King opening in the same shopping mall, Bash started to lose its popularity.

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