Can you use Euro in Bosnia?

Can you use Euro in Bosnia?

Hey there, globetrotters and currency enthusiasts! Are you planning a trip to the beautiful Balkan country of Bosnia and Herzegovina? If so, you might be wondering whether you can use the euro there.

Well, worry not, because in this thrilling blog post, we’re going to unravel the mysteries of currency in Bosnia and Herzegovina and find out if you can pay with Monopoly money—I mean, the euro!

The Bosnian Currency Tango

Bosnia and Herzegovina has its own currency called the Bosnian Convertible Mark, or BAM for short. The BAM has been the official currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1998, and it comes in delightful denominations such as 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200 BAM. It’s always a good idea to have some local currency on hand for small purchases and when you want to fully immerse yourself in the local culture.

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Euro, the Sneaky Neighbor

But what about the euro, you ask? Well, here’s where it gets interesting! While the official currency is the BAM, the euro has sneaked its way into certain areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in tourist hotspots and larger cities like Sarajevo and Mostar. This means you might come across some businesses that accept euros, particularly in the hospitality and tourism industries.

The Benefits of the Euro

Using the euro in Bosnia and Herzegovina can have some advantages. Firstly, it eliminates the need for currency exchange, saving you from those pesky fees and the hassle of searching for a currency exchange booth. Secondly, if you’re traveling from a country that uses the euro, it’s convenient to have a common currency for your entire trip, reducing the need to carry multiple currencies.

The Catch – Exchange Rates and Change Woes

Before you go all “Euros for everyone!” in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there’s a catch you need to be aware of. Most businesses that accept euros will likely give you change in the local currency, BAM. This can lead to some confusion, as the exchange rate between the euro and the BAM can vary. So, while you can use euros in select places, be prepared to receive change in BAM, which might require some mental math gymnastics.

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Practical Tips for Euro Users

If you’ve decided to embrace the convenience of the euro during your Bosnian adventure, here are a few practical tips to keep in mind:

  1. Always carry some BAM for smaller purchases and when visiting local establishments that might not accept euros.
  2. Keep an eye on exchange rates to get a sense of how much you’re spending in euros versus BAM.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the local currency and its denominations to avoid any confusion during transactions.
  4. Be polite and respectful if a business doesn’t accept euros—it’s their prerogative, after all.


Q1: Can I use my credit card instead of cash in Bosnia?

A: Absolutely! Credit cards are widely accepted in larger establishments, hotels, and restaurants in Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, it’s always a good idea to carry some cash for smaller purchases and when venturing into more local or rural areas.

Q2: Should I exchange my euros for BAM before arriving in Bosnia

A: While it’s not necessary to exchange all your euros for BAM before arriving, it’s wise to have a small amount of local currency on hand for immediate expenses. You can also withdraw BAM from ATMs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which are widely available.

Q3: Are there currency exchange offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

A: Yes, there are currency exchange offices in various cities and towns across Bosnia and Herzegovina. These offices usually offer competitive exchange rates, but be mindful of any potential fees or commissions they may charge.

In conclusion, while the official currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Bosnian Convertible Mark (BAM), euros are accepted in certain tourist areas and larger cities.

Embracing the convenience of the euro can be a smart move, but it’s essential to keep the local currency on hand and be prepared for potential exchange rate fluctuations. So, get ready to whip out your BAM and a few euros, and enjoy your Bosnian adventure without any currency conundrums!

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